For Kee Pork Chop Hong Kong Sheung Wan 科記咖啡室 上環 香港 豬扒飯

For Kee Hong Kong Pork Chop Food 科記咖啡室 上環 香港 豬扒飯

Tucked away amidst all the antique shops and burgeoning brunch/hipster cafes in the very trendy neighbourhood of Sheung Wan, lies “For Kee Restaurant” (科記咖啡室), Hong Kong’s best pork chop rice! A small yet insanely busy & popular pork chop house, run by a few kind old folks (potentially a family business?) who have evidently been running this establishment for a number of decades, but most importantly have a monopoly status on this kind of finger-licking pork chop Cantonese style dish!

For Kee Hong Kong Pork Chop Menu Food 科記咖啡室 上環 香港 豬扒飯

For Kee Hong Kong Pork Chop Food 科記咖啡室 上環 香港 豬扒飯

A short walking distance from Man Mo temple, For Kee’s Cantonese-style pork chop’s are infamous to any local Hong Kong native. Having first been introduced to this place by a local Hong Kong friend of mine a few years ago, I’ve always been obsessed with this place and addicted to just how yummy they make their pork chops.

For Kee Hong Kong Pork Chop Menu Food 科記咖啡室 上環 香港 豬扒飯

The menu itself is quite standard, most of their dishes are of a pork chop variety (you can get the standard pork chop rice 豬扒飯 or they also have other variations like tomato pork chop rice, onion pork chop rice but the standard one is definitely a must try). I’m not quite sure what it is, maybe it’s the sauces they use, or the way they fry the pork chops so it’s half crisp/half tender (though I’ve had some dry ones before) but something about the whole combination makes it really oh-my-yummy while satisfying all your cravings too.

For Kee Hong Kong Pork Chop Food 科記咖啡室 上環 香港 豬扒飯

For Kee Hong Kong Pork Chop Food 科記咖啡室 上環 香港 豬扒飯

Usually the pork chop dishes will come with either a drink (e.g. hot/cold milk tea, ice lemon tea etc) however you can also change it to homemade Chinese soup too!

For Kee Hong Kong Pork Chop Menu Food Satay Beef 科記咖啡室 上環 香港 豬扒飯

Other snacks/smaller dishes worth trying are the satay beef toast sandwich (沙爹多士) – pictured above, the pork chop bun (豬扒包) or pork chop toast (豬扒多士). The satay beef toast is a very local Hong Kong dish, however the flavour is a bit more on the spicy side.

The average meal (with just a main + drink) will cost you around HKD$60-70 (depending if you add on an egg or spam etc) but this place is definitely one of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets.

Here, you won’t encounter the typical “hurry up/rush-ness” that you might experience in other local Hong Kong cafe’s. Instead do ensure you have a bit of time to spare, as sometimes the food can be slow due to the tremendous traffic (as they also cater for take-out orders). The kind folks that run this place are quite friendly and patient (so even if you can’t speak Cantonese, it won’t be too difficult for you to navigate the place as they can get by with basic English)! But For Kee is hands down Hong Kong’s best pork chop rice so definitely worth a visit or two!

For Kee Restaurant

Address: Shop J-K, 200 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

Opening times: generally not open during dinner time, and mostly M-F (although they seem to be open on Saturday’s right now).

Address in local language: 科記咖啡室,上環荷李活道200號J-K舖

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