Earlier this year I headed off to Xiamen, China primarily to explore the Hakka roundhouses (tulou cluster houses) that are a UNESCO heritage site. (Click here for my video on the Hakka Houses)

Hakka House Xiamen Tulou Cluster UNESCO Heritage Site 客家土楼 福建 中国

We flew into Xiamen, China from Hong Kong just for a short weekend getaway, flights cost around HKD$1,100 all in and the journey was a 2 hour flight. (The trip to the Hakka houses was another 3 hours by car each way).

While in Xiamen we were able to try out some local street food that is heavily influenced by Taiwan (as geographically they’re quite near each other) so I wanted to introduce some local foods. In the video below you’ll discover why this tofu (below) is black, but also see a lot of food that is also commonly consumed in Taiwan too!

China Xiamen Street Food Smelly Tofu 臭豆腐 厦门中国

Some of the highlights definitely include the “balls” (fish cake type balls) we were able to try as they were made really authentically from different kinds of seafoods.

Check out my video below and feel free to subscribe on Youtube!


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