Uma Nota Fraldinha grilled flank steak Hong Kong

This evening we headed out to Uma Nota in Soho, Central to celebrate one of my good friend’s birthday. I first probably was introduced to Brazilian/Japanese/Peruvian food back in my early 20’s, trying out fusion Japanese/Peruvian dishes at Nobu back in Melbourne, who do an amazing job at complementing fresh seafood/sashimi or sushi dishes with tangy & refreshing sauces that really give a twist to traditional Japanese food.

My next favourite place for fusion Japanese & Peruvian cuisine would be at Chotto Matte in London, so finding something with comparable flavours in Hong Kong is actually quite a feat.

Situated in the heart of Soho, Uma Nota is tucked away on the corner of Peel Street away from the main hustle of Hollywood Road. Uma Nota features an array of delicious Brazilian Japanese cuisine meals (something that is a bit more rare in Hong Kong) and a lovely atmosphere too.

A small yet intimate setting, this restaurant is the perfect relaxing place for small group catch ups, dates etc and not to mention the service (we had Ray this evening) was absolutely impeccable! Not only was he extremely detailed about giving us food recommendations, he also would help us adjust lighting for photos! Haha

Uma Nota Interior Design Hong Kong Brazilian Japanese Fusion Restaurant Soho Central

Uma Nota Interior Design Hong Kong Brazilian Japanese Fusion Restaurant Soho Central

Photos of the interior.

Uma Nota Menu Hong Kong Brazilian Japanese Fusion Restaurant Soho Central

The menu is separated in sections including greens/salads, larger sharing plates, raw dishes, skewers & small starting appetizers.

Uma Nota Menu Cocktails Val Verda Hong Kong Brazilian Japanese Fusion Restaurant Soho Central Pandan

Here I started with the Val Verda drink, consisting of pandan infused cachaça (apparently a distilled spirit made from sugar cane juice), green Chartreuse, pandan syrup, lime juice & yogurt. The cocktail, how do I say, it definitely had really nice pandan flavours, wasn’t too sweet (possibly due to the yogurt) but was something different / yet refreshing!

Uma Nota Chef's Menu Hong Kong Brazilian Japanese Fusion Restaurant Soho Central Brazilian Peruvian

For larger groups they might ask you to do the chef’s menu. We were originally supposed to be a group of 8, but since our group downsized we went for a-la-carte instead.

uma nota restaurant hong kong hk brazilian japanese tuna tataki seafood fusion

First dish we had was an off-the-menu tuna tataki. Ray (our waiter) overheard us wishing we could have some steak tartare, and kindly offered us this dish which was absolutely yummy with the tangy flavours and perfectly seared tuna.

uma nota restaurant hong kong hk brazilian japanese seafood fusion coxinhas de frango chicken okra dumplings

Next up we had the coxinhas de frango – which were chicken & okra dumplings with homemade chill sauce. The texture felt more croquette-esque rather than dumpling, but overall quite nice.

Uma Nota Food Banana Doce Fried Banana Crab Meat Restaurant Hong Kong

Here we had the banana doce – which consisted of fried banana with crab meat and sour cream.

Uma Nota Hong Kong Brazilian Tapioca and cheese dices Dadinhos de tapioca

Here we have the dadinhos de tapioca – Brazilian tapioca and cheese dices with sweet chilli sauce.

Uma Nota Octopus Skewers Hong Kong

Here we have charcoaled octopus skewers, which are an absolute must-eat!

Uma Nota Hong Kong Berinjela eggplant with miso

Diving into the “size matters” part of the menu, we have “berinjela” which is basically a whole eggplant with miso, goat cheese & cashew nuts. It’s not uncommon to find eggplant & miso side dishes in Japanese restaurants, but the additional goat cheese & cashew nuts combination was really nice.

Uma Nota Hong Kong Lombo de porco slow cooked sagabuta pork loin

Next up we have the “lombo de porco” dish which is slow-cooked Sagabuta pork loin with apple & frisee salad & cassava fries. Ray kindly told us that cassava were basically friends of the potato family.

Uma Nota Fraldinha grilled flank steak Hong Kong

Finally, we filled our tummies with this last dish, “fraldinha”, which was grilled flank steak with farofa & feijão (a type of bean) salad. We requested this dish to be medium rare and boy did it not disappoint. The yellow crumbed bit on top of the steak complemented the steak perfectly (especially when dipped with the side sauce).

Overall, our bill for the evening reached around HKD$500 per head for the food and around 2 bottles of wine + some initial cocktails. For the service and variety of Brazilian/Japanese food, Uma Nota definitely is a great place to spend for an intimate gathering with close family/friends or smaller groups too.

Uma Nota
Shop C, G/F
38 Peel Street, Central
Hong Kong
Phone: 2889 7576

Uma Nota – 日本菜,巴西菜


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