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Atlas Dining is nestled just along the outskirts of South Yarra (and next to my favourite fusion Japanese sushi restaurant Gaijin). Headed up by Chef Charlie Carrington, Atlas Dining takes you along a globetrotting journey to the cuisines of different countries every four months.

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This trip I had the change to try out Atlas (for the first time), and on this very evening, we were taken on a journey through Thailand’s most loved flavours. As the adorable little passport below depicts, the degustation menu explores different flavours, textures & senses too. For this particular Thai cuisine, you had the option of going for a five-course insight menu (at AUD $60 per person), or a five-course extended menu at AUD $75 per person.

atlas dining south yarra melbourne fine dining thailand
Atlas Dining Menu: Currently Exploring Thailand

On top of that, their specials of the day were oysters (which come at an additional cost), but the flavours were really wonderful.

atlas dining south yarra melbourne fine dining oysters
Oysters (added on separately)
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Cured amberjack with an amberjack belly relish
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Deep fried dish: (at the bottom) smoked eggplant relish, a 63 degree cooked egg, typhoon garlic, deep fried morning glory with a nam jin dressing
atlas dining south yarra melbourne fine dining back
Atlas Dining’s outside/back area
atlas dining south yarra melbourne fine dining food
One of the dishes for the Thai menu: “moneybags”

I haven’t featured all the dishes we sampled here, as I’ve included shots of them in my YouTube vlog here. (Channel name: WanderingWithYan)

While I do think the menu was quite creative and really explored a variety of flavours and textures, I guess I would have preferred to try a different cuisine rather than Thai. So a limitation will be that it’s best you go during a country/cuisine you’re interested in, however it’s also a bit tricky because usually you have to book a few weeks in advance (and would depend if they’ve revealed the upcoming menu).

Overall, I do love the innovation that goes behind creating these menus, I definitely loved the first few dishes (the cured amberjack, and the deep fried morning glory but personally would love to try more South American flavours (and the fusion/degustation twist on it) by Charlie Carrington.

Have you tried any cuisines from Atlas Dining? Which was your favourite cuisine or if you have any other recommended degustation restaurants (wherever they may be), be sure to share your favourites!

Atlas Dining

133 Commercial Road,
South Yarra, 3141
Victoria, Australia

Full details on their website or find further reviews here.

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