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It’s very well known that Australia (and Melbourne in particular) is home to the world’s best cafe’s and food in general. When anyone asks “what is Australian food?” it’s simply really hard to define, because what we eat in Australia on a day to day basis is so multicultural that it extends beyond lamingtons, meat pies, and sausage rolls etc.

As anyone knows, brunch is a huge part of Aussie culture, and I’d even go as far to say that Australia would be the pioneers of brunch. The bar continues to be raised higher and higher and there are just an overwhelming amount of brunch cafes in Melbourne to try out.

Over the next couple of weeks (via my YouTube channel) I’m going to be sharing my reviews on 6 new brunch cafe’s in Melbourne I tried out (so be sure to click subscribe and turn on notifications!)

First up I headed to Hobba in Prahan (428 Malvern Road, Prahan, Melbourne, Australia) and I absolutely fell in love with their menu! Asides from your standard “brunch dishes” like avocado smash, bircher muesli etc, what I really look for when deciding whether to try out a brunch venue is really based on any creative/innovative dishes that the cafe has specially churned out.

Click below to watch my video recap of Hobba or continue to scroll down for my written post on Hobba.

Hobba came recommended by a friend who had tried this place before and I’m glad I had the chance to try it out too!

Hobba Cafe Prahan Melbourne brunch must eat wanderingwithyan interior

The interiors of the place is very open planning and lies upon natural lighting to brighten up the place but that’s kind of what added to the simplicity of it, it almost felt as if you were just in your backyard!

Hobba Cafe Prahan Melbourne brunch must eat wanderingwithyan zomato

Hobba uses an open kitchen space where you can smell the glorious flavours exude out in to the rest of the cafe while you eagerly wait for your dishes & coffee to arrive!

Hobba Cafe Prahan Melbourne brunch must eat wanderingwithyan menu

Here we have the menu with plenty of variety to choose from, regardless if you have a savoury or sweet tooth!

Hobba Cafe Prahan Melbourne brunch must eat wanderingwithyan cheese toast

Our first dish – French Toast: cheese french toast, bacon, asparagus, green romesco, pickled jalapenos, cheese foam & cured egg yolk. Usually you get sweet varieties of french toast but this was really amazing, the way they infused the cheese into the bread so it had a slighly chewy texture to it. Also I loveeee jalapenos (and anything vinegar-y or lime/sour-ey in general) so I loved that this was plated with jalapenos too.

Overall the dish had a variety of textures & flavours, (cheese foam was very fun) which made this dish a very appetising and must try one!

Hobba Cafe Prahan Melbourne brunch must eat wanderingwithyan hotcakes

Secondly, we ordered the Hobba Hotcakes, which consisted of ricotta-filled & s/w house spiced maple syrup, citrus & vanilla mascarpone, seasonal berries & honeycomb. While there are plenty of Melbourne brunch cafes that do hotcakes, Hobba’s one was definitely on the smaller size (in terms of portions), which is neither good or bad (depending if you want a big portion or not like the ones you can get from Top Paddock or Higher Grounds).

The hotcakes were decently fluffy, not so dense (which again makes it lighter to consume), but not too sweet too. Really enjoyed this as well.

Our bill came to around AUD$48 for two (including coffees too) which is reasonable for Melbourne brunching standards.

428 Malvern Rd
Prahan 3181
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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