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There is absolutely too much to love about Japan, and one of that being its food. There are so many different variety of dishes that make up “Japanese cuisine” it’s almost impossible to try out everything in one holiday (unless you’re in Japan for at least two weeks or more). From sushi/sashimi, to yakitori, to ramen, udon, tonkatsu, curry rice etc… there’s absolutely so much food in Japan you can devour, and still not have even tried half the things the country has to offer.

One of my favourite Japanese dishes is “tonkatsu”, which consists of a breaded deep-fried pork (or other meats/seafoods) cutlet. Usually these dishes are served with rice and shredded cabbage and you have a few sauces (usually like a sweet & sour-y sauce) you can dip your meat/cabbage in.

While in Osaka, Daiki (大喜) was recommended as one of the best tonkatsu restaurants in town. So without a doubt, I made sure to book in this little gem (in my personal food diary) while I was in town.

daiki osaka tonkatsu wanderingwithyan 大喜大阪 日本

Located within Osaka’s popular Shinsaibashi district, Daiki is hidden on a smaller street, but nonetheless not too difficult to find.

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Daiki (大喜) is quite small, seating around 20 or so people including the counter space.

daiki osaka tonkatsu menu wanderingwithyan 大喜大阪 日本 豬肉

The menu itself is quite straightforward (no English) but basically shows the different cuts you can get as well as the degree of “fat-ness” you want your pork cutlet to be. Asides from pork there are also some chicken & seafood varieties too.

daiki osaka tonkatsu wanderingwithyan 1

Here we opted for the super thick pork cutlet, which was 2,880 YEN and 300g in weight. The cuts were so thick and insanely beautiful, and the pork was so juicy and tender, it was really cooked to perfection.

daiki osaka tonkatsu wanderingwithyan 大喜大阪

daiki osaka tonkatsu wanderingwithyan 大喜大阪4

daiki osaka tonkatsu wanderingwithyan 大喜大阪5.

daiki osaka tonkatsu wanderingwithyan 大喜大阪 prawn

The other dishes we got was a mixed “tonkatsu” platter – where it included prawn, pumpkin, fish and some leaner cuts of pork.

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Then the other dish we got was chicken with egg, a bit more saucy and different to the traditional tonkatsu flavours, as it had more of a soy sauce soup/gravy base.

daiki osaka tonkatsu wanderingwithyan 大喜大阪 3

So as you can see, the tonkatsu dishes had a trio of sauce/dips it came with, one was the ponzu (kind of is sweet/citrus-y), mustard and then salt. All dishes were really nice, but the star of the show definitely is the tonkatsu which is a very generous serving and very very worth it.

Daiki (大喜) is definitely a must-visit in Osaka if you’re a big tonkatsu fan, if you’re not such a fan of big fatty cuts then you can definitely opt for the leaner versions.

Daiki (大喜)
1-chōme-6-2 Higashishinsaibashi, Chūō-ku, Osaka, 542-0083, Japan

Address in local language: 日本〒542-0083 大阪府大阪市中央区東心斎橋1丁目6−2

Visit their Facebook page here.

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