hardware societe brunch melbourne tuna millefeuille

Hardware Société has long been one of Melbourne’s most loved brunch places that has been known for its never-ending lines that patiently wait outside its quarters. Surprisingly, this year marked the first time I’d ever been into Hardware Société and boy did it not disappoint.

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Though the first quarters were located on Hardware Lane, they’ve since moved to a slightly larger home at 10 Katherine Place, Melbourne 3000, Victoria, Australia.

hardware societe brunch melbourne menu

hardware lane hardware societe brunch melbourne
Hardware Lane is home to many brunch cafes including White Mojo too (one of my other faves).
hardware societe brunch melbourne
The interiors of their Hardware Lane home.

Inspired by French cuisine, Hardware Société brings to you traditional Australian brunch but with a French twist.

hardware societe brunch melbourne menu australia

The menu’s* are super cute and come in both French & English translations. (*Menu’s are subject to change.)

hardware societe brunch melbourne menu 2

hardware societe brunch melbourne menu 3

Here we have the tuna millefeuille, which comes with seared tuna (how beautiful are these seared tuna pieces!), tartar of scallop, tuna & radish, avocado, yuzu aioli, pickled cucumber & poached eggs.

hardware societe brunch melbourne tuna millefeuille

This was really yummy, and the flavours were beautifully put together, had a great sour zing (probably because of the yuzu flavours which I love), but the tuna was really fresh and perfectly seared.

hardware societe brunch melbourne tuna millefeuille 2

I also loved that it was probably the first time ever that I’d had millefeuille in a “savoury” setting but it was really nice. I personally just wanted to a few more hot elements to the dish but overall it was really yum and refreshing.

hardware societe brunch melbourne french brioche

Next up we had the french brioche, which came with vanilla meringue and fresh berries. This I suuuuper loved. I sometimes feel like I’m on a quest to search for the best french toast/brioche and this definitely was light and fluffy.

hardware societe brunch melbourne french brioche australia

The bread itself wasn’t too sweet and lightly glazed, and added with the meringue (and cream pictured in the middle) it was a really light and fluffy dish that was perfectly balanced between sweetness (from sugar) + the berries.

Unfortunately I wish I had room for another 2 dishes, what’s on my to-eat-list would also be the Lobster Benedict (which was unfortunately sold out when we visited), but also the Braised Beef Cheek.

The Hardware Société
10 Katherine Pl
Melbourne, 3000
Victoria, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9078 5992
Visit their website here or on their Zomato page

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