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Situated just on the corner of Elgin St and Hollywood Rd in Soho is Fukuro, one of Black Sheep Restaurant’s latest additions to the Hong Kong foodie scene. Fukuro actually opened in late 2018, and it’s a shame it’s taken me so long to come here and actually try the place out. Bringing a little piece of Japan’s popular izakaya scene to Hong Kong, Fukuro (which means ‘owl’ in Japanese) serves as a late-night hang out for Hong Kong’s very own night-owls.

(For those who aren’t familiar, in Japan, ‘izakaya’s’ are small restaurants that salary-men usually frequent after a long day of work.)

Compared to Japan, the tones & vibes of Fukuro are much more mellow and darker compared to the much more brighter izakaya’s that you’d find in Japan, but Fukuro is similarly quaint in size, and probably houses no more than 40+ people.

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong interior

We were lucky to be seated by the counter and to be able to watch all the action of making the dishes while we ooh-ed and aah-ed to all the dishes we would like to one day order haha.

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong

Below, there is a drinks menu (left) and food menu (right). There’s a huge variety of alcoholic drinks to choose from, and though the food menu looks quite delicate in size, there was so much more food/dishes we could have ordered (especially since sitting at the counter left us wanting more).

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong menu

First up, we started with the crispy caramel butter corn. I’ve seen this dish everywhere so definitely had to give it try now that we were finally here. The texture of it was quite fun with the added layer of crunchy-ness and the combination of corn + caramel worked quite well, however while I did like the dish it and was very glad I tried it (at least once), it wasn’t mind blowing, and next time I’d maybe try out another dish. (First timers: do try!)

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong caramel corn

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong sashimi

Next up, we ordered the “platter of market fish” which essentially was a selection of sashimi. For HKD$288 (we ordered the smaller size) this definitely was on the pricer side but the fish was very fresh.

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong fish sashimi platter

Next up we had the Saikyo Miso Black Cod (HKD$198). Ever since I had miso black cod some years ago for the first time in my life (at Nobu), I have constantly been in love. This dish in general is so amazing, and Fukuro’s delivery of it did not disappoint. The flavours were delicately balanced and the fish was grilled to perfection. The fish itself was perfectly moist and each layer melted off perfectly like a buttery flake (sorry if my descriptions sound kind of weird haha).

TLDR: this was amazing and so yum – a must order.

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong black cod miso

To wrap up our main course we finished with the yaki udon (HKD$198) consisting of snow crab, crab miso butter & udon. This was really good too, and almost every table had one of these. The flavours were great, and they were generous with the crab meat.

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong yaki udon

Saving space for dessert, we ordered one of each, which below you have the Edo Miso Popsicle (HKD$68) and the Monaka ice cream sandwich (HKD$58).

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong dessert 2

You might not be able to see too clearly below, but the Edo Miso Popsicle has a layer of mochi at the bottom and comes covered in green tea crumble. The Monaka Ice Cream Sandwich came with a slight raspberry-tasting glaze of jam, and the ice cream (not sure if it is this flavour) felt more towards a hojicha (type of Japanese tea) flavour. I wasn’t such a fan of the “sandwich/bread” layer which felt like the kind of ice cream cones you get (if you don’t upgrade to a waffle cone).

This ice-cream sandwich did have me thinking about Little Bao’s green tea bao (which is to-die-for), but the desserts at Fukuro definitely are worth giving a try.

Our dinner (for two) came to a total of around HKD$1150 (which is around HKD$575 per person), which isn’t too bad considering we had 4 mains, 1 dessert each + an alcoholic drink each (we both had umeshu – Japanese plum wine), and to be frank, anything in Central/western in Hong Kong is usually around that price.

I do hope that Fukuro does expand on its dessert menu in the future (and I definitely do think they have the potential), but Fukuro is definitely my favourite new hang out for Japanese food with a slight fusion twist.

Other dishes I tried on another occasion were:

Spicy chicken karaage (HKD$108), so in general I do loveeee chicken karaage, but to be honest I wasn’t so sold on this one. It felt a bit Korean (like the gochujang/red chilli paste flavours), and I guess wasn’t really the fusion Japanese twist I was looking for (especially if you compare it to normal Japanese chicken karaage).

wanderingwithyan fukuro hong kong black sheep spicy chicken karaage

Then I also had the chance to try the kingfish, which was really yummy as it came with a tomato jalapeno ponzu sauce. This dish was amazing (HKD$148).

wanderingwithyan fukuro hong kong black sheep kingfish

Also tried the beef tataki (HKD$148) which was really nice too. It was a bit too seared for my liking (I prefer it when it’s more rare), however the flavours were great and the thickness could be maybe 2mm thicker!

wanderingwithyan fukuro hong kong black sheep beef tataki

Overall, a really enjoyable experience, and to top off everything, service here is amaaaaazing. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, they really go above and beyond for service here.

wanderingwithyan fukuro black sheep hong kong kitchen 2

1-5 Elgin Street
Central, Hong Kong

Address in local language: 中環伊利近街1-5號永利大廈地舖

(Right next to Ho Lee Fook)

Find them on OpenRice or TripAdvisor.

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